Judge Orders St. Louis Archdiocese to Turn Over Names of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

On December 31, 2013, Judge Robert Dierker Ordered the Archdiocese of St. Louis to turn over to attorneys at Ken Chackes, LLC the names of all priests who were credibly accused of sexual abuse over a 20-year period.  This latest Order comes out of a case in which we represent a brave young woman who was sexually abused as a young child by Fr. Joseph Ross at St. Cronan’s Parish in the City of St. Louis.  Church officials had been resisting our efforts to obtain information that we believe will help prove that they knew of sexual misconduct by priests of the Archdiocese and that future harm was certain or substantially certain to result without proper supervision.

The Petition, most recent Order, and news reports can be seen below.

12-31-13 ORDER

Petition field 10-24-11