Federal Court Approves Settlement Improving Mental Health Services for Deaf

A federal judge in Missouri today gave final approval to a settlement in a class action lawsuit brought by Chackes, Carlson & Halquist, LLP, that promises to significantly improve the mental health services that the State of Missouri provides to deaf Missourians.

The 35-page settlement results from the lawsuit filed in April of 2010 by the Missouri Association of the Deaf and 13 named plaintiffs on behalf of more than 1,000 deaf Missourians in need of mental health services.   About 20 percent of deaf persons needing such services are children.  The defendant State agencies who agreed to the settlement are the Missouri Department of Mental Health (“DMH”) and the Missouri Department of Social Services (“DSS”).  Plaintiffs in the lawsuit had alleged that DMH and DSS had violated the rights of the adults and the children in the plaintiff class under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For a copy of the press release issued today and for a complete copy of the Settlement Agreement, click on the links below.

Press Release 5-10-12

Settlement Agreement