Ken Chackes, LLC is recognized as the premier law firm in the St. Louis area for victims of childhood sexual abuse. In addition to our determination and extensive legal experience, we are proud of the care and compassion that we show our clients. We understand how difficult it can be for victims to come forward and pursue legal action against those who molested, raped, or abused them. Our attorneys are skilled not only in the law, but in handling these emotional issues as carefully as possible. We have represented over one hundred victims of childhood sexual abuse in cases against individual perpetrators and the institutions that enable them. We are associated with a national network of attorneys who share our mission, and when we take a case, we exhaust every imaginable resource to serve our clients’ needs.

Our attorneys have represented people who were sexually abused by Catholic Priests and other clergy, school teachers and coaches, fellow students, family members, and others. We have represented substantially all of the victims of abuse by priests who filed lawsuits against the Archdiocese of St. Louis and other Catholic institutions in eastern Missouri, and have recovered millions of dollars to compensate them for their injuries and to provide the resources they need for future treatment. There are several different ways we provide legal help to victims of abuse, including:

  • Consultation about your case and legal options
  • Referral to support groups and other therapeutic resources
  • Informal negotiations with responsible parties
  • Mediation
  • Litigation

If you or someone close to has been sexually abused, molested, or raped, please call us for a free consultation. Our lawyers and support staff work hard to protect and guide survivors along a path toward healing and justice.