EMPLOYMENT AND HOUSING – If you believe that because of a disability you have suffered discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in your workplace, if you have been denied equal housing opportunities, or if you need assistance negotiating an employment contract or severance package, call us for a full evaluation of your situation. The lawyers at Ken Chackes, LLC are committed to fighting aggressively to obtain the best results for our clients.

PUBLIC AND PRIVATE EDUCATION – SPECIAL EDUCATION – Children and adults with disabilities have the right to access all educational programs for which they are qualified, with or without reasonable accommodations or modifications.  Federal and State laws prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities at all levels of education, including preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college and graduate schools.  Public school students have a right to a free and appropriate education individually designed to meet their needs and provided in the least restrictive environment (along side non-disabled children to the maximum extent appropriate).

GOVERNMENT SERVICES – Government agencies, such as cities and towns, counties, and state and federal agencies, may not discriminate on the basis of disability and must provide reasonable accommodations or modifications so that persons with disabilities have an equal opportunity to gain access to benefits and services.